Our Partners

The ACT Center partners with and serves clinicians, care delivery leaders, patients, researchers and community-based organizations around the country engaged in transforming care in a variety of settings.

Our Partners

Care transformation starts with strong partnerships and a shared vision for better care.

Bringing essential stakeholders together to improve health and health care

We partner with and serve clinicians, care delivery leaders, patients, researchers, and community-based organizations around the country engaged in transforming care. We work in a variety of settings — from our home institution Kaiser Permanente Washington to federally qualified health centers to state associations and national policymakers.

Collaborating with a diverse mix of public and private partners is central to our vision — and also at the core of what we do: bringing together stakeholders to design, implement, and evaluate interventions to improve health care at the individual, clinic, and population levels.

These partnerships take many forms:

Our unique position within Kaiser Permanente

Fundamental to our work is our close partnership with our colleagues at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI), where the ACT Center is based. KPWHRI is the non-proprietary, public-interest research division within Kaiser Permanente Washington. Our position as part of a wider health care enterprise is unique, allowing us to bring together partners well beyond our walls with a national network of Kaiser Permanente clinicians, researchers, and patients to transform care for people and communities everywhere.

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